Air scrubbers for farming and the agricultural industry

Air scrubbers are often part of the fixed/mandatory equipment in agricultural and agro-industrial companies. However, these gas scrubbers are often not efficient enough, resulting in numerous complaints about odor nuisance. Usually, these problems can be solved quite easily, at an acceptable cost. We are specialised in optimization of air scrubbers or other installations with insufficient separation efficiency. Moreover, completely new installations are possible. This both in the field of odor nuisance and in the field of separating harmful components (biogas installations, sludge digesters, manure processing, intensive livestock farming).

Our working method

After thorough sampling and analysis, we proceed, in consultation with the customer, to the necessary interventions to limit the odor nuisance for the neighbourshood as much as possible. We assess which optimizations are needed on a case-by-case basis. This is where our many years of expertise and know-how in air purification and odor control are of great value.

Moreover, it is also possible to consult us for advice. Subsequently, you can carry out the necessary interventions yourself, with our help if needed.

How does an air scrubber work?

Air scrubbers are one of the most frequently used equipment for air treatment and odor control. In an air scrubber, the unwanted components are removed from the gas and absorbed into the liquid. Inside the column there are filler bodies or packing to maximize the efficiency of the scrubber. The washing liquid consists of water with added chemicals. The composition of the scrubbing liquid depends on the nature, initial concentration, composition of the components to be removed and the predetermined efficiency of the air scrubber. Air scrubbers are available for small as well as for large flow rates.

Air scrubbers consist mainly of the following components: washing tower (packed column), filling bodies (structured or loose), drip tray, nozzle(s) or liquid distributor, pump, chemical dosing, measuring and control equipment (pH, redox) and a water replenishment system.

air scrubber for agro industry

Custom made air scrubbers - integrated applications

Our air scrubbers are always custom made and specifically designed for the offered emission stream. For each application, the design is versatile, in a way that changes in capacity and production process can always be accommodated, within certain limits. Of course, all air scrubbers are designed to fit seamlessly into the existing situation.

The advantages of an air scrubber

  • relatively simple and well controllable
  • low energy consumption
  • compact and space-saving
  • predictable and guaranteed efficiency
  • high removal efficiency
  • maintenance-friendly
  • versatile, for many agricultural and agro-industrial applications

Maintenance of existing air scrubbers: replacement of packing and internals

Task is also your partner for the maintenance of air scrubbers. In case you are not sure anymore about the functioning of your air scrubber, please contact us. Together with you we will discuss the possibilities and if necessary we will plan a site visit. 

The correct selection of the packing and other internals of an air scrubber is specialist work. This selection will determine whether or not your air scrubber system will function properly. Clogged, compressed packing will increase the pressure drop over the air scrubber and decrease the efficiency of the system. We take care of the replacement of the gasket and/or other internals and work with you to choose the right type with the optimal efficiency.

Also the various measurements of pH, redox, conductivity are taken into account and adjusted if necessary. We have already taken care of several air scrubbing installations in order to meet the standards for odor removal efficiency and removal of harmful substances from the air.

Heat recovery linked to air scrubbers

Most types of air scrubbers can be optionally equipped with a heat recovery system. This allows you to recover green energy from your exhaust air and thus save on your company’s energy costs. Discover more about how you can recover green energy here.

air water heat exchanger