Air treatment – removal of chemicals

Air purification is a challenge often faced by industry and the agricultural sector. Polluted air causes odor nuisance and health problems. Therefore, it is important to remove these harmful chemicals from the emitted air. 

Removing chemicals from polluted air

Emitted air can be polluted in a number of ways. However, the biggest problems occur when the air is chemically polluted. At Task, we are specialized in removing chemical contaminants from the emitted air. For air purification we use various types of gas scrubbers

Gas scrubbers can be successfully used for almost all air purification problems. Where air scrubbers are not the appropriate solution, we use other means to achieve the desired result. Often the contamination is clearly visible (e.g. soot emission) or there is a strong odor nuisance. In the latter case, air purification and odour control go hand in hand.

Our services in the field of air purification

We can help your company in different ways for air purification:

  • for building a turnkey solution, from study to installation and commissioning
  • for carrying out feasibility studies, engineering and analyses
  • for maintaining and optimizing existing installations
  • pilot tests

When engineering an air treatment installation, we take into account various parameters such as efficiency, energy consumption, maintenance, noise and investment. We always put sustainable and maintenance-friendly solutions first.

How do we proceed?

When you contact us for a problem with contaminated air, we assess the nature of the contamination together with you.

  • We take the necessary measurements and tests and propose a tailor-made solution.
  • We place the installation and put it into service.
  • We take care of the necessary maintenance afterwards.

If the source of the contamination changes (e.g. due to changes in your production processes), we optimize the air purification installation where necessary.