Industrial odour control

Companies are increasingly confronted with complaints about odour nuisance. In our densely populated areas, odour control is a must. We offer tailor-made solutions for your odour problem.

A standard solution for industrial odour control does not exist. Reducing industrial odour emissions to zero is not obvious. Fortunately, there are various economically and technically feasible solutions

Air Scrubber Port of Antwerp 130000 m³/h- Luchtwasser NH3 bio1

Task, an experienced partner in odour control

When it comes to odour control, it is extremely important to choose for a well designed and technically sound solution. Quickly installing a scrubber or filter will – just like the use of odour masking products – seldom give good results.

Task is an experienced partner who always looks at the problem in depth and offers you a solution which ensures an efficient odour control. A solution tailored to your company, perfectly integrated in your production process. 

Our approach

We tackle the odour problem in a structured way. The first step is a preliminary study in which the nature and source of the odour nuisance is analyzed. Often it is not even clear who, of a group of companies in an industrial area, is causing the odour nuisance. Therefore it is important not only to find the cause, but also to measure and map the odour nuisance in an objective way. Neutral odour experts can be used for this. There are several possibilities: sniff measurements, olfactometry and/or a chemical analysis (GC-MS).


Next, we propose the appropriate odour control technique. A frequently used solution is the implementation of gas scrubbers. Depending on the compounds present in the gas, different types of scrubbers can be used (acid, caustic, bio, oxidative, etc).

Pilot installations odour control

Considering the complexity of odour control, in some cases it is recommended to do tests with a pilot installation. During the test period, sampling can take place and adjustments can be made if necessary. Such a pilot scrubber gives both the customer and ourselves the guarantee to obtain the best results. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities! 

Heat recuperation linked to gas scrubbers

Most types of gas scrubbers can be optionally equipped with a heat recovery system. The recovered heat can be used to heat process waters (see also heat exchangers). Such a heat recovery system allows considerable savings on energy costs. At the current energy cost it would be a pity to let your generated energy go to waste. Of course, we also realize this adaptation for an existing air scrubbing installation. 


An overview of some of our projects can be found below. A click on the photos gives access to the project description and the complete photo series.