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Lackeby heat exchanger in Europe’s largest WWTP

SUEZ has chosen Lackeby HSW heat exchangers for the optimisation of the Seine Aval WWTP in Achères, France. The Seine Aval WWTP is the largest wastewater treatment plant in Europe. The plant treats 70% of Parisians’ wastewater and has been producing biogas for more than 70 years.

To optimise sludge digestion and biogas production, the mesophilic digestion process will be changed to thermophilic digestion. The biogas will be used to produce electricity and hot water for the operation of the Seine Aval power plant. This modernisation is expected to increase the plant’s energy self-sufficiency by about 70%.

Lackeby’s sludge heat exchangers were chosen based on their unique design, which offers the highest possible heat transfer while also meeting requirements for reduced space requirements and ease of maintenance.

The final design is the result of a fruitful collaboration between Lackeby Products, Roto-Sieve France and the SUEZ project organisation.

By 2023, Lackeby will supply a total of 55 heat exchangers to the Seine Aval power plant.