Oil emulsion separation for Caradon Radiators

Oil emulsion separation

Separating oil water emulsions allows to reuse the water

Radiators coming off the production line must be tested for watertightness. This watertightness test is done in special test tanks, by visual inspection. The problem for radiator manufacturer Caradon was a quick oil pollution of the test water. Oily water is trouble, preventing a visual inspection of the radiators. This oil pollution is caused by adhering oil residues on the radiators. So, all test water had to be replaced on a daily basis. As a result, Caradon was facing high costs for water consumption.

Separation of oil emulsions by ultrafiltration and reuse of this oilfree water

Oil water emulsions are difficult to separate. We are using ultrafiltration techniques to achieve this oil emulsion separation. As a result, test waters can be reused several times. So, Caradon can make big savings on water bills.

Caradon Radiators Group

This oil emulsion separation units were realized for radiator manufacturers Henrad in Herentals, Belgium. And for Caradon Stelrad in Nuth, the Netherlands. Both companies are part of the Caradon Radiator Group, headquartered in the United Kingdom.

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