Packing types – tower packing (random bulk, structured)

Packing types

Packing types for gas scrubber or air scrubber

  • Random packing for gas scrubber or air scrubber: loose filling bodies for wash towers (bulk, big bag or bagged, in various synthetic materials or metal)
  • solid structured packing (possibly in parts and/or discs), made to measure for the scrubber column

We select the right packing type, in function of the application, the temperature, the components present in the gas stream or the washing liquid. An air scrubber is not just a tube with some filling bodies and a nozzle above it. It all starts with the correct dimensioning of the column, together with a well-considered selection of the gas scrubber internals: this is what makes or breaks the proper functioning of the installation. Experience and know-how are of crucial importance to make sure your air scrubber does what it is made for: removing harmful components and/or odor from flue gas streams. A badly designed gas scrubber with an efficiency of 0 to 40 % is a waste of money. Let your investment pay off, contact us for more info.

Grosso modo, the following packing types can be distinguished respectively:

Solid structured packing

  • honeycomb structure
  • herringbone structure
  • waffle structure in plastic (different plastic materials possible) or stainless steel
  • solid gasket trays, chosen in some cases for process-technical reasons

These are easy to remove and easy to clean. The available surface can be used optimally and they show a smaller pressure drop than the loose random packing.

Random packing (bulk or in bag)

The best known and cheapest type:

  • Pall ring
  • Raschig ring
  • saddle
  • croissant
  • ball, etc.

These are usually made of various types of plastic, of stainless steel, sometimes ceramic, each with its specific application. The right choice of packing is also crucial for the proper functioning of an air scrubber with optimal efficiency.