Roto-Sieve brewery application

Roto-Sieve brewery

Roto-Sieve at home with the brewers

Roto-Sieves have been used extensively in Belgium in the brewing sector for many years (numerous references). Roto-Sieve has proved its worth in breweries as a fast and effective pre-treatment of waste water.

Both the old generation of Roto-Sieve (with a drum on carrier wheels) and the new generation of Roto-Sieves with a drum suspended in carrier belts have been working tirelessly for decades in Belgian breweries and far beyond.

With the latest generation with the drum suspended in supporting belts, we notice that the customer can still make further savings because the main wear and tear item, namely the supporting wheels, is no longer present. The applications below are in the breweries of Jupille-sur-Meuse (AB Inbev) and Breendonk (Duvel).

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