Separating plastics and metals from oil

Trommelzeef verwijdert plastic uit olie

Roto-Sieve drum screens are also suitable for oils and sticky substances

XR Miljöhantering in Skövde, Sweden is active in waste processing. Looking for a solution to separate plastics and metal particles from oil, the company turned to Läckeby Roto-Sieve. The oil present was collected from oil separators. From the collecting point, this oil is pumped to a storage tank for further transport and recycling. Läckeby Roto-Sieve proposed a septic unit, RSS 24, to filter the floating oil. The RSS24 is essentially a septic receiving unit, with the main features of the Roto-Sieve drum screens. This particular type ensures fast and highly effective screening of the incoming material.

Vast experience in separating solids from all kinds of liquids

Läckeby Roto-Sieve now has more than 5300 installations in a wide range of industries and wastewater treatment plants worldwide. In all circumstances where separation of solids from process water is essential, the versatile, highly efficient Lackeby Roto-Sieve drum screens are the best choice.