Roto-Sieve rotary drums for fine screening of liquid fertilizer

Roto-Sieve Biogas plant -trommelzeef

Roto-Sieve separates impurities from liquid fertilizer in a Swedish biogas plant

Roto-Sieve rotary drum screens are well known for the screening of solids out of wastewater and process water. But, can also be used for the screening of all kinds of liquids. For instance, in this case, Roto-Sieve is used for the screening of solids out of liquid fertilizer.

Biond biogas and liquid fertilizer

Biond operates and develops one of Sweden’s largest waste management and biogas production plants outside Helsingborg, Sweden. The plant has a capacity of approximately 150,000 tonnes of organic waste per year. Biond is supplying the transport sector and Swedish agriculture with biogas and liquid biofertiliser.

Liquid fertilizer

This liquid biofertiliser is certified according to SPCR 120, which means, among other things, that visible impurities should not exceed 10 cm²/kg biofertiliser. These requirements were not met before the Lackeby Roto-Sieve RS 36 drum screen was installed.

Good fine screening with Roto-Sieve rotary drum screen

In cooperation with Purac AB, a Lackeby Roto-Sieve RS 36 drum screen was selected and installed in 2020. As a consequence, the measured value of visible contaminants after the Roto-Sieve is now close to zero! Most of the material separated from the liquid biofertiliser consists of plastic and straw. This material then goes to the incinerator.

Versatility of the Roto-Sieve rotary drum screens

As a result, this application is a good illustration of the versatility of Roto-Sieve fine screens. They can be used not only for wastewater and process water, but also for the screening of a wide range of liquids.

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