Roto-Sieve rotary drum screens for textile fibre separation

Roto-Sieve for textile fibre separation

Roto-Sieve rotary drum screen for an efficient separation of textile fibres

The Turkish textile manufacturer MAYTEKS was facing major and recurring problems with overflows, due to inadequate filtration. The textile fibres caused frequent blockages and pump failures. This resulted in inefficient heat recovery from the wastewater.

In 2020, a Lackeby Roto-Sieve drum screen RS 24 was sold and installed by the Greek Lackeby/Roto-Sieve representative (KARGAS ENERGY), to handle a flow rate of 130 m³/h.

The performance of the Roto-Sieve drum strainer more than meets the customer’s expectations: “After the installation of the Roto-Sieve drum strainer, there were no blockages, no pump failures, no labour costs. In addition, there has been a 250 % increase in efficiency. The return on investment for this project was less than 5 months.”

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