Test installation water treatment

For complex wastewaters, a test installation can help to verify the theorical best solution. All parameters and details must be right for an optimally functioning installation. Measuring is knowing: a thorough analysis and any prior testing offers the fastest route to an optimal result. The tests give the customer and ourselves guarantees about the feasibilty of the desired outcomes. There are various possibilities:

  • lab scale tests
  • pilot installations:

Often, lab-scale tests are sufficient to be able to estimate several process parameters such as energy and water consumption, etc. The analysis of measurements and tests is largely done in our own lab, which means that the test results are quickly available. For more complex analyses, we work together with experienced partners.

Our working method

Of course, we don’t carry out preliminary tests for every installation. Often, our years of experience in water treatment are sufficient to quickly gain insight into the correct technique. But sometimes a combination of components present, production conditions, chemicals used, etc. can make it necessary to do some testing. If the lab tests and analyses still leave room for doubt, an on-site test installation is recommended. In this way, the real life conditions can be thoroughly tested.

Water reuse installation with RO membrane filtration

Pilot plant for industrial wastewater treatment

Water reuse

In some cases, a pilot installation is necessary. Such an installation is usually rented for a period of a month. Task closely follows up the test installation. At the end of the tests an evaluation will take place to discuss the results and possibly a full-scale project proposal. Such pilot tests are allowing both us and the customer to gain important insights about the project.