Optimization of wastewater treatment plants

We notice among our customers a great need for retrofitting and/or optimization of existing water treatment plants. We always try to reuse as much as possible the existing elements.

Task disposes of decades of expertise in the field of industrial wastewater treatment in a wide range of industries. Contact us for more information.

Optimization, retrofitting and maintenance of existing industrial wastewater treatment plants

First of all, we can reassure you: a well conceived wastewater treatment plant requires only minimal maintenance. But unfortunately, maintenance and follow-up of a wastewater treatment plant is necessary at regular intervals. The good functioning of a wastewater treatment plant stands or falls with the know-how and the close follow-up of the operators and process managers. This is why we attach great importance to a thorough training of the personnel, responsible for the water treatment. It is important that they have the basic skills to check the parameters, adjust the installation and ask for our help whenever necessary. If problems do occur, fast intervention is always guaranteed.

In practice, it is often the case that there is no one available for this task. We can help you with this, regardless of whether the installation was built by us or not. Periodic maintenance of your wastewater treatment plant can be done on a contractual basis or on demand. The periodicity depends on the type of installation and can be adapted as desired. We can also advise you on maintenance and/or optimization of your wastewater treatment plant.


Integrated solutions

Task aims at offering the right solution, always with an optimal price-quality ratio as a starting point. We aim at durable, maintenance friendly, correctly dimensioned and flawlessly functioning installations. Moreover, a thorough training of the maintenance personnel should guarantee a trouble-free operation of your water treatment plant, water purification plant or water recovery unit on the long run. 

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Our strengths 

  • Integrated solutions 
  • Many years of expertise
  • Maintenance and operation of industrial wastewater treatment plants