Water reuse by wastewater and process water recycling

Water reuse – water recycling with membrane techniques

The cost price of water will only increase in the future. Companies have every interest in recycling and reusing company wastewater. A substantial part of the current effluent (60 to 80 %) can easily be reused with the latest membrane technology. In short, substantial savings can be realized, both on the drinking water bill as on discharge costs. Effluent from the water treatment plant can be upgraded to process water of a range of qualities, from drinking water quality to demineralised water. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can help you to reuse more water. Water treatment is no longer a cost, but becomes profitable!

How do we work?

For each project, the feasibility is first checked, based on the analysis of a recent water sample. If necessary, a test installation is used. The final system is fully customised. What we propose is based on the type of wastewater, the intended quality for reuse and the economic aspects. Resulting in compact installations, whether or not built in a container, fully automated, equipped with fully automatic CIP, remote control and monitoring.

Circular water management

Water can be reused in many ways. For instance, grey water or process water can be reused as process water or for toilet flushing. Moreover, this purified water can also be reused as drinking water within the company. This is true circular water management, with a very low ecological footprint. Considerable savings can be realized this way!


Recycling water with membrane technology: efficient, low-maintenance and with quick return on investment.

Energy recovery from warm wastewater or process water

In almost every production company, warm wastewater or process water flows circulate. Often , these warm water flows are simply discharged or go directly to the water treatment plant. As a result, too much heat is still lost from liquid flows. With today’s sky-high energy costs, recovering this heat is certainly an opportunity. With Läckeby heat exchangers, heat can also be recovered from highly viscous fluids. These patented heat exchangers are very maintenance friendly and almost insensitive to clogging. Moreover, they have a minimal space requirement (low footprint, modular and stackable system).

Have you already calculated how much you can save?