Emission treatment plants: inspection and optimization

Is your emission treatment installation due for replacement? Are your emissions above the emission limits? Then Task can assist you with the process technical assessment of this kind of installations . More than 30 years of experience in odor and air pollution plants.

You can consult us for emission treatment installations such as chemical gas scrubbers, bioscrubbers, biofilters and air scrubbers. They usually all require specific follow-up and maintenance.

Inspection and optimization of emission treatment plants

To this end, we can offer the following services:

  • Periodic operational monitoring of your emission treatment installation using various parameters (pH, conductivity, redox potential, temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • a range of measurements (both physical and chemical parameters)
  • Process technical advice
  • Simple lab analyses are performed in-house, so results are available much faster. For analysis of very specific sampling, we work together with specialised partners.

Optimisation of existing air treatment plants

It is also possible to improve existing air treatment plants. We proceed in a structured manner. Based on the findings on site, an action plan is drawn up, whenever relevant.

Evaluation of gas scrubbers

The purpose of an audit is to evaluate your existing air scrubber. This includes measurements of pH, redox and conductivity, among others. Then we look for an appropriate solution to increase your efficiency. It is not always necessary to opt for a completely new installation. An optimization or renovation of the current installation can often be sufficient. Where possible, the existing elements are retained. More about our air purification solutions.

Replacing packing and internals

The correct choice of packing and other internals of a scrubber is specialist work. The choice of packing is important for the proper functioning and efficiency of your installation. Clogged or compressed packing is detrimental to the efficiency of the gas scrubbing installation. We take care of the replacement of the gasket and other internal elements. Having problems with your current scrubber? Contact us and we will look at the possibilities together.

Heat recuperation linked to gas scrubbers

Most types of air scrubbers can be optionally equipped with a heat recovery system. The recovered heat can be used to heat various process waters. In this way, you can recover a large part of the green energy from your waste air. Such a heat recovery system results in a considerable saving of energy costs. At today’s energy costs, it would be a great pity to let the generated energy go to waste. Of course, this adaptation can also be realised within the optimization of an existing air scrubber.