Environmental Engineering: 35 years of experience at your service

We are specialised in air pollution control, emission treatment, odour control, process and waste water treatment.

Consult us for retrofitting and optimization of existing installations as well.

Besides designing and installing various solutions for environmental problems, we also supply equipment for water treatment and air pollution control. Depending on the needs of the customer, we build a turnkey installation or consult. This consultation services can be an advising role or engineering studies, it’s up to you to decide. Top service, flexibility and quality is what we strive for.

Cyclohexanone twostage chemical scrubber condensors Amer-Sil Kehlen Luxembourg Laveurs-condenseurs chimiques

Our customers

Our clients consist of industrial production companies, from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinationals. We work for all possible industrial and agro-industrial sectors (see our reference list). But of course, engineering companies, city councils, government agencies, etc, are part of our customer base as well.

Optimisation and retrofitting

Among our customers, we note a great need for retrofit solutions and/or optimization of existing installations. There are several reasons for this: either a low-cost installation has been opted for in the past, which doesn’t function properly. Or the production has been expanded and the existing installation cannot meet the new requirements. Task can offer the right solution, always aiming to offer the customer an optimal price-quality ratio.

Task disposes of more than 35 years of experience in the field of environmental engineering for waste water treatment and process water treatment in all its aspects, 25 years in the field of odour control and air purification. This vast experience in the above-mentioned fields translates into numerous successful references ,in a wide variety of sectors.

Equipment for water and air treatment - energy recovery

Last but not least, we also supply specialised equipment for environmental engineering, including: