Packing and internals for gas scrubbers and other applications

Gas scrubber internals for air purification and industrial emission treatment

Is the packing of your gas scrubber in need of replacement? Does the installation not reach the required efficiency anymore? Task can help you with our long term experience in air treatment and odour control. We take a look at your specific problem and search for a tailor-made solution. The design of a packed column, the correct dimensioning and selection of internals are a matter of know-how and experience. We have extensive experience in various, very specific applications. We offer the following internals: random or structured packing, nozzles, demisters, fluid distributors, etc. 


The packing is used to create a larger surface area for the gas and liquid transfer in a packed column. Packed columns are usually used to remove contaminants from a gas stream (absorption). In addition, packed columns can also be used to remove volatile components from a liquid stream (stripping). 

There are many different types of packing for columns. In general, they can be classified into two main groups: structured packing and random packing.

Structured Packing

Structured packing consists of plastic or metal blocks with a honeycomb or fishbone structure. Structured packing has some advantages compared to random packing:

  • higher removal efficiency 
  • efficient use of available surface area
  • lower pressure drop

Random packing

Random packing (Pall rings, Raschig rings, saddle rings, etc.) is made of metal, plastic or ceramic.

The advantages of random packing are as follows:

  • (mechanically) strong
  • low weight
  • good resistance to dirt accumulation
  • cheap
  • easy replacing and cleaning
Packing and internals for gas scrubbers and other applications

Random packing (metal/plastic) is very suitable when:

  • extremely high removal efficiency is not required
  • the pressure drop is not crucial
  • or the risk of fouling is higher.

If the application requires high temperature or chemical resistance, ceramic packing is the most suitable. 

Demisters, droplet separators and other internals

In addition to packing, we also supply:

  • Droplet separator
  • Demisters
  • Nozzles
  • Liquid distributors
  • Liquid collectors
  • Liquid redistributors
  • Support plates
  • Cover grids

Are you interested?

We will be happy to make you a proposal for a new scrubber or stripper-absorber combination or for the optimisation of an existing packed column.