Test scrubber for air treatment and odour control

Air purification – testing and measuring for a guaranteed result

Some industrial emissions are difficult to treat. Often, these are rather complex odour problems, for which no standard solution exists. It is then recommended to do tests with a test gas scrubber (pilot gas scrubber). This allows to check the theory in practice. During this test period, sampling is done and adjustments can be made. A pilot scrubber gives important insights in the feasibility of the emission limit values. This is in the interest of both the customer and ourselves.

Testing with a pilot scrubber is often the most appropriate way to come to a definitive solution for a complex odour problem. We can help you find a feasible solution, both economically and technically. With our knowledge and experience, you will have a proposal for your company in no time! We strive to build installations that are perfectly integrated in your production process.

Our working method during testing

The installation is usually put at disposal of the customer on a rental base for a number of weeks. Task is following up the installation during the test period, on site and through wireless communication. The customer himself can take some gas samples with the equipment that we provide. Moreover, we can perform all kinds of basic measurements (such as airflow measurements) ourselves. When it comes to carrying out specific sampling (see also odour control), we work together with specialised companies.

After the tests, an evaluation follows to discuss the results and possibly a full-scale project proposal. The pilot tests give the customer but also ourselves insights in the achievement of the desired results.

We offer various testing possibilities for scrubbers, gas scrubbers and filters (e.g. ESF). Contact us to discuss about the possibilities!