Jet aeration for Recyc-Oil

Efficient and almost maintenance-free aeration system for deep aeration tanks

Jet aeration system in a wastewater treatment plant in the oil recycling industry (Recyc-Oil in Wielsbeke, Belgium). This jet aeration system is combined with a heat exchanger for maximum energy recovery.  Recyc-Oil has meanwhile, already installed a second jet aeration system in its wastewater treatment plant. Read why below:


Jet aeration system in wastewater treatment for the oil recycling industry

Deep basin aeration with a carefree system? It is possible, this system is specially designed for deep aeration basins.

One of the big advantages of the jet aeration system are the unequalled operational reliability:

  • no moving parts in the aeration zone
  • all materials in the biology section are made of high quality glassfiber reinforced polyester
  • the support elements are made of stainless steel 316
  • with minimal corrosion as a result

The mixing process during denitrification is made by centrifugal pumps, installed outside the basin. As a result, no mixing parts are present inside the basin.

The lifetime of this aeration equipment is several decades in normal circumstances, at a 24/7 operational regime.

Aeration system for deep basin aeration: the advantages in a nutshell

  • Low installed cost
  • Low energy cost
  • Low maintenance cost, obstruction unsensitive, no moving parts in the aeration basin
  • High oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Superior mixing capacities, without extra mixing and without extra oxygen supply (anoxic periods)
  • Frost unsensitive
  • Low foam formation sensitivity
  • Very suitable for use in deep aeration basins
  • Superior Process Performance
  • Superior Corrosion and Abrasion Resistance (corrosion resistant material use in the aeration basins – FRP/SS)

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