Septic receiving unit

Processing septic material requires proper preparation of the material. It is important to remove fibers from the septic material. These fibers are unwanted in wastewater treatment plants and sludge processing plants. The Lackeby Roto Sieve septic receiving unit is suitable for separating fibers from septic material. This septic receiver is very robust and user-friendly machine. Moreover, the receiver is equiped with an internal feed. This way, the installation can easily handle high flow rates. When the sludge is delivered from tank trucks, high flow rates are reached in a short period of time. The Lackeby septic receiving unit with internal feed is perfect for this job. In addition, the machine  is equipped with automatic flow control. 

The equipment is not only suitable for septic separation but can also be used for screening by-pass or overflow water. The installations are very reliable, have a long life span and low energy consumption.

Roto Sieve - Septic recieving unit - Ontvangstinstallatie voor septisch materiaal

The advantages of a septic recieving unit

  • fast emptying of a tank trucks (15 min)
  • very high degree of separation
  • automatic flow control
  • life span of more than 20 years
  • maintenance-friendly
  • low energy consumption
  • low spraying water consumption
  • No odor thanks to the sophisticated design
  • Quick and easy inspection
Ontvangstinstallatie voor septisch materiaal