Biogasdesulfurization Lutosa plant Sint-Eloois-Vijve Belgium

Biogasdesulfurization Lutosa

Biogas desulphurisation unit in the food industry at Lutosa in Sint-Eloois-Vijve.

The danger of H2S (hydrogen disulphide)

Hydrogen sulphide is produced by many industries, such as food processing, waste water treatment, blast furnaces, paper mills, tanneries, oil refining. H2S ((di)hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen disulphide or hydrogen sulphide gas) is a toxic and flammable gas with a typical rotten egg smell. Because of this toxicity, it is important to separate it from the gazeous emissions.

Removal efficiency of H2S with a biological air scrubber

The removal efficiency with this method is about 95%. This means that no odour is released into the environment. This can be verified by a simple odour measurement or olfactometry.

Cost reduction

One of the main advantages of this disposal technique is its very low operating costs. This is because no constant supply of chemicals is required. Learn more about biogas desulphurisation?