Water reuse at a slaughterhouse

Wastewater reuse food industry drinking water

Recycling wastewater into drinking water for a Belgian slaughterhouse

Belgian Pork Group

Westvlees, one of the leading European producers of fresh and prepared pork meat, located in Belgium, has been investing in a state-of-the-art water recycling installation last year. The company is part of the Belgian Pork Group.

Recycling pretreated wastewater into drinking water

900.000 liters of wastewater are upgraded into drinking water on a daily basis. In other words, the installation is allowing to recycle about 50 % of the total water consumption.

An experienced team

The design and realization was made by Task and Aramis, two companies with a joined expertise of more than 45 years in this area and hundreds of references. The installation is equipped with the most advanced technologies, with full remote control.

Easy maintenance and remote control

The water recycling installation is entirely operated by the Westvlees staff. This way, the Belgian Pork Group can work independently, resulting in a minimal exploitation cost. With this realization, one of the most important food manufacturers in Belgium has joined the reference portfolio of Task-Aramis. More about our water reuse solutions?