Wastewater treatment plants industrial

Task is disposing over more than 30 years of experience in the field of wastewater treatment.

For each project, a custom-made solution is offered, in order to come to the best price-quality ratio. One of our main assets is our independent equipment choice. Not being part of a larger holding or not being tied to equipment suppliers allows us to select the most economic and the most suitable equipment for each different customer according to his specific needs and requirements.

Task also supplies industrial wastewater treatment equipment : jet aerations, flotations, dosing skids, agitators, floculators, coagulators, polymer production units, several types of oil separators, etc.

Wastewater treatment : physicochemical wastewater treatment plants, membrane filtration (UF-NF,RO), water recycling, neutralization, deferrization, oil separation units for process water, jet aeration and sludge treatment.